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#1 – You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

We all know this isn’t true. Where this old adage came from, no one knows. But there are many shelter dogs out there that disprove this theory everyday. In fact, sometimes the older dogs are easier to train because they are past their “teenage” phase.  (So don’t let the age of a dog stop you from adopting him!)

#2 – He’ll Grow out of It

No, no he won’t. In fact, if you let your dog do something you don’t like, thinking he will grow out of it, it’s more likely the behavior will get stronger. The shelters are full of dogs that were relinquished due to behavior issues. So don’t wait for something that is never going to happen – training is the only answer to bad behavior.

#3 – You Must Be “Alpha” for Your Dog to Listen to You

This myth came about because dogs are distantly related to wolves and so someone decided they must act like wolves, too. However, there are two things wrong with this: dogs are not wolves and the original study that started this myth has been debunked by scientists as not the way wolves act in nature. (The original study was based on captive, un-related wolves, which would not occur in nature.)

#4 – Pets Don't Offer Emotional Support

Many people undermine the importance of pets and the emotional support they offer. This is far from the truth as Emotional Support Animals are becoming more popular. Taking care and spending time with a furry pal is known to improve self-esteem and boost confidence. Patients suffering from mental disorders often have trouble keeping track of reality, causing them to feel disconnected and detached from others. They may often find it difficult to communicate their ideas and express themselves. Animals, on the other hand, ask for nothing but love, attention and companionship. Pets are loving creatures and offer comfort and reassurance to their owners. They offer emotional support and may also reduce the risk of depression.

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